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The Short Sighted Brand

Our industry is heading for new and uncharted waters where the FDA lurks and big tobacco waits. Brands are rushing to launch new flavors before the August deadline and in the midst of all the hysteria many brands and their brand managers have forgotten or fail to realize the increasing importance of production GMP's and regulatory compliance.

Brands that expect to survive the impending industry changes should not be taking shortcuts in regulatory and manufacturing. Who is your manufacturer and what do they bring to the table? Are you a brand that goes for a cheap price and no technical knowledge? Will the cheap route help you in the long run? Do you expect to stand up to the FDA's compliance without a manufacturer who follows FDA GMP's and can easily shift to compliance of the FDA's newly expanded guidelines when they come?

Let's talk reality. Anyone can mix juice and fill a bottle. But how many manufacturers out there actually have facilities that operate to current FDA guidelines and are ISO certified? Our industry is plagued by manufacturers and co-packers who claim to be up to speed but do you know enough to tell who is authentic and who's not? Can your current manufacturer produce audit certificates from valid GMP and ISO auditors?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your current manufacturer quote you prices without knowing your formula and then up the price when you agree to fill with them?
  • Does your filler abide by current California and Federal labor laws?
  • Who does your manufacturer buy their flavors from, PG and VG from? Are these companies compliant?
  • Have you considered that PG and VG may not be considered compliant by the FDA?
  • Are you aware that there are only two to three flavor companies in the world that have spent the time and money so that they will comply to the new FDA guidelines?
  • Are you aware that if the flavors in your current products and those you plan to launch do not come from one of these companies you will be shut out?
  • Is your manufacturer/co-packer insured with $2,000,000 per occurrence in liability insurance?
  • Has your manufacturer/co-packer retained an industry specialist Attorney in Washington that will help fight for you?

Can you go to your current manufacturer/co-packer/filler for answers to these questions? If you can't you should seek out an FDA GMP and ISO Certified manufacturer like California Vapor for quality work and sound advice at a fair price.

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